Saturday, March 26, 2005

Shocked Again!

This woman is married to a rich man. She has couple of affairs, they get divorced. She gets over $40 million in cash and assets. I don't generally go around feeling sorry for rich people but but I was starting to make an exception. He really got screwed! Then, toward the end of the article, it says,

The couple met in 1978 when Howard Sosin was an assistant professor at Columbia University. At the time, she was married to another man and working in retail.

All sympathy was pretty much tossed out the window right there. What was he expecting? Oh, she'll be faithful to ME because I'm her true love! The story doesn't mention it but there was apparently no prenuptual agreement either. What a fool!

Upon further reflection, it looks like she might have married him before he was rich but still. Why would he expect her to stay faithful when she already proved willing to have an affair.