Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Brother Can You Spare A Brick?

I can't imagine that even the most arrogant (or stupid) American would move to another country then plaster a big American flag in the back window of his truck. Not only would you be asking for your window to get smashed in, you just might endanger your own life.

So here we have a proud Mexican who displays that pride by driving around Orange County, CA in a shiny new Ford truck with a personalized license plate and a big Mexican flag in the back window.

If Mexico is so great, why is he here in the United States? Why is he in Orange County, one of the most expensive places in the country to live? Oh, Mexico must be so wonderful. Is it not a testament to the greatness of this country that he can do what he's doing with impunity?

Despite the rapid decline of America, we are still a great nation. In fact, America is better than other places. We, as individuals may not necessarily be superior to those in other countries, but on a national level, America is better than other countries and as Americans, we take an attitude of superiority that I think is well founded.

I don't have contempt for foreigners in general, I have contempt for those people that come to this country, take advantage of our resources, our liberty, and our generosity and spit on those very things which makes those people want to be here in the first place. Go ahead and accuse me of being a xenophobe, I don't care.

I realize that taking pride in where you happened to be born is just stupid but it's not so out of line to take pride (though not hubris) in your small part of keeping this country great or at least slowing its decline. This blog is (primarily) dedicated to teaching people the basic concepts of liberty and reinforcing that education by examining current events through the lens of a liberty minded individual.

I love my country (though not my government) and I will work hard to keep her great. Should the day come that I need to move somewhere else, I would continue to cherish the principles of freedom but I would adapt to the country and culture of my new home and encourage those people to seek freedom.