Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't Mix State And Church

Church and government partnerships always end up hurting the mission of the church. New York City has demanded that 22 churches stop providing beds for homeless people. There seems to be a city rule requiring faith based shelters to be open at least 5 days per week or not at all.

The city claims it has enough beds in its shelters that the displacement won't cause a shortage of places to stay. Which brings us to another problem.... Why is the city providing a charitable service on the tax payers dime when charity is taking care of it? Even more troubling, why are they trying to put the churches out of the business of such things as helping the homeless? The government never likes competition.

Charity comes from private donations and tends to be adaptable to changing conditions. Government "charity" tends to be a solution looking for a problem. Government programs always expand and rarely contract. When it's time for budget cuts, they cut the stuff that people will scream about the most so they don't get cut as much, because they're all about self-preservation, not helping.

NEVER let a government agency have any part of what goes on in your church, you'll only regret it.