Sunday, March 27, 2005

Hard Hearted Woman

I spoke to my soon to be ex-wife today when I dropped my daughter off.

I told her, "Since it's Ressurection Day, I was thinking. If Jesus can come back from the dead, our marriage can be ressurected too."

She threw out all sorts of excuses and bluster about why that just isn't possible and how she is moving forward with her life etc.

I pressed the issue a bit more and asked her how she thought that divorce was somehow better for our daughter than staying together. More bluster.

I continued to press her and say that what she's doing just isn't right before God. She didn't deny it, she just made excuses and said, "There were a lot of things that weren't right about our marriage for a long time." How is that an excuse to continue to do what is wrong?

She knows she's wrong and I pray for her every day. I don't know why she's hardening her heart. She hurting our daughter the most and it breaks my heart.

I took my daughter to the circus this weekend and after it was over and we got outside, she looked up at me and said, "I wish mommy would have been here with us."

Doesn't that woman know that she's breaking that little girls heart? Why can't she see that? It's so frustrating. The only thing this poor little girl knows is that her mommy and daddy should be together but they aren't.

It's difficult but I'm going to continue to love her and my daughter and serve God. If she does divorce me then she has to answer to Him for it. My precious little girl is going to suffer the most though.

Keep me in your prayers everyone.