Friday, July 01, 2005

Democrats And Unity

Unless Bush nominates a known liberal to replace O'Connor, there is going to be a partisan fight for his nominee.

This story on Fox News is rife with quotes from Democrats that are going to be typical of what we will see during the nomination and confirmation process.

The Dems will say "we need a non-partisan uniter, not a divider." What they really mean is, "Bow to our will and nominate someone who is going to vote our way or we're going demonize any candiate you put forth."

Watch out for this. They don't want someone who is going to interpret the law, they want someone who is going to write the law and hand down abominations as bad or worse than the recent Kelo decision.

I don't honestly expect Bush to put up much of a fight. For all his talk about being a strong Christian, he's not going to nominate someone who is decidedly pro-life. He's going to continue to think he can placate the liberals and give in a little. Then again, he's not really conservative to begin with so nominating a soul-less neo-con with a liberal bent won't be much of a compromise for him.