Monday, June 27, 2005

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Let's recap the recent Supreme Court decisions shall we?

1. There is no such thing as private property because the government can take it from you on the flimsiest notion that someone else can put it to better use than you can.
2. The Establishment Clause of the Constitution officially means states cannot make their own rules in regard to this and that 'endorsement' of God is the effective equivalent of a government run church. It's ok when it's in a purely historical context though. Sure, that's clear enough.
3. Software companies that make software that can used to share copyrighted files without the permission of the copyright holder can be sued for what other people do with their software. Maybe Microsoft will be sued because they created the operating system on which most of that software runs. Perhaps Intel should be sued because they made much of the hardware that the software runs on. Perhaps there should be a class action law suit against all PC users since just about all of us have shared files at one time or another. This is just a step away from total content monitoring of the web. Encryption anyone?
4. The police officially have no duty to protect you. Restraining orders are just administrative CYA's and really mean nothing. They are only useful in civil proceedings now.
5. Cable companies can't be forced to share their lines with other ISP's. This is the right ruling. But regular telecommunications companies should be forced to do that either. This is just more social engineering.

Now, can you see how the Supreme Court Justices are the final arbiters of all that is good and right about this nation? They are fair and just and above reproach in their decisions. We can't question them because they MUST be right; they are SUPREME aren't they?

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