Saturday, July 09, 2005

Good Customer Service

It seems that good customer service is rare these days. Keeping that in mind, I would like to give a mention to Sav-on Drugs (Same company as Osco) for good customer service today.

Last weekend I bought a pair of $16 sunglasses. Three days later, the both temples snapped off nearly simultaneously. If they had lasted a couple of months I would have been happy but three days just isn't satisfactory.

This afternoon, I went back to that store to return them. To be pefectly honest, I expected them to put up a fight over it even though I had the receipt. I expected they would insist that I take another pair in exchange for them rather than give me my money back. Thankfully, they were very cooperative and gave me my money back without any hassle.

Some people get very upset when something they buy is defective or an order is wrong. I don't get upset about things like that as long as the merchant is willing to make it right. Sav-on sold me some lousy sunglasses but they made it right and I really appreciate that.