Saturday, July 16, 2005

Treating Symptoms

I have had a nagging tooth ache for about 3 weeks now. At first it was quite painful. I thought maybe something had just got stuck up in my gums and became infected. Well, that turns out not to be the case. The pain is now just annoying and uncomfortable with an occasional flare up.

When I go to the dentist to get this taken care of, the pain I will endure to get it fixed is worse than the pain I'm dealing with now.

Here's the problem, if I'm not willing to go through the pain and expense of getting it fixed, the pain and expense will be worse later. No matter how much I treat the symptom (the nagging pain) the actual problem will not go away on it's own.

Tell me an area in you life where you're treating the symptom and not the problem. It could be a personal relationship, a bad habit or simply a personality trait that causes you pain and inconvenience in your life.

Come on, spill your guts, let's treat your problem instead of the symptom.