Friday, September 23, 2005

Clubbing Refugees

No! I don't mean clubbing like you do to baby seals:

I mean clubbing as in going to a nightclub.

A refugee of Hurricane Katrina was gunned down less than a mile from the Red Cross shelter he was staying at in Chattanooga after LEAVING A NIGHT CLUB. Police suspect he was killed in order to steal his relief money.

What was this guy doing at a night club when he's living in a shelter and living off of money given by tax payers and private donations? Shouldn't he have been saving his money to buy, oh, I don't know, new clothes or perhaps some food of his own?

It's possible I'm rushing to judgement here and he was using his own money accumulated prior to the storm. But if he is, what the heck is he doing taking money from the Red Cross? There are other people that need it more.

Maybe we should start clubbing refugees.