Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bin -Laden Scared or Smart?

Osama Bin-PigLover has apparently offered up a truce.

Among other things, Bin-PigLover tells us that there have been no attacks on the US because they are preparing, not because they have failed in any way. I'd guess that some attacks have been stopped (that we'll never know about ) and others have been under way for some time. I do expect that we will suffer another major terrorist attack in the next 2 years simply because they are planning and we can't stop everything. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see a successful suicide bombing here in that time frame also.

From the article, it seem that the terms of the truce are simply that we pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan etc. and just leave them alone. In turn, they will leave us alone.

I don't think for one moment that any truce will be honored. What is the point of offering it then? Is he scared or is he being smart?

I think that his offer for a truce will prompt the Left to action. After a slight lull; just long enough to put some distance between Bin-PigLover's message and their actions, the Left will renew their calls for an end to the war, decry the so-called torture at Guantanamo, and start lobbying Congress for a swift exit plan. Whether Bin-PigLover understands this effect is open to debate. I would think that he does hope that it happens.

Is he also scared? By his own admission, they don't have anything to lose. Why not offer a truce and see if something comes of it? Perhaps the only thing he can do right now to cause us a political setback because he no longer has the infrastructure to carry out large scale attacks. He's buying time. He wants to cause further division between the right and the left to break down morale, possibly stall funding increases for the war spur the anti-war activists who are just dying to take Bin-PigLover at his word.

What is he? Scared, smart or both?