Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just Ignore The Mistakes...'s all really for our own good and we're just better off if we keep our mouths shut and let this sort of thing continue. The police were supposed to morph in to a quasi-military institution weren't they?

An elderly couple were hospitalized after police mistakenly broke in to their home thinking they were raiding a meth lab. Idiots.

Police Captain Shannon Beshears said:

"We had good information from a reliable source that had been backed up by a purchase of narcotics linked to the address. However, when we arrived at the designated address, there were two houses on the lot. We hit the larger of the two houses."

They freaking guessed! Can you believe that? "Well, we have to do something! What the heck, let's pick THIS one. Oh, we're so sorry folks, the city will be more than happy to repair your door for you."

Meanwhile, Police Chief Darryl Whaley said:

"Obviously, a mistake was made and it was regrettable," he said. "But, I stand by my officers. I think they acted properly."

No moron, they didn't act properly, you rushed in without doing an adequate investigation. Of course he's going to stand by his officers, he doesn't want to take all the blame himself.

I don't condone drug use, but we need to end the drug war today.