Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bird Flu And The Border

Even a major outbreak of the bird flu in the United States would not prompt our beloved government to shut down the border between the US and Mexico.

According to a draft of a Federal response plan obtained by Associated Press, the border between the United States and Mexico will not be closed in the event of an outbreak of the bird flu or an super strain of influenza.

Go read the whole article for yourself.

I suspect that if there was a bird flu epidemic, Mexico would send its troops to the United States border and prevent anyone from coming in to Mexico. If the problem originated in Mexico that might not be the case since they would be suffering through their own problem, but you can bet if it came from Asia and spread through the US that Vicente Fox would order his northern border shut down immediately.

I wonder if the Minutemen would gather up volunteer forces to patrol the border if we had an epidemic? I'm not going to have the time to do it tomorrow, but if anyone does have the time, please give their office a call and see if it's been considered. A link to their website can be found in the previous post. If you can get a full quote from them, I'll post it here on my blog and you'll get full credit (if you want it).

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