Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Item The First:

New York City is distributing a letter emphatically stating that no one will check their immigration status when they seek medical services at city hospitals. Hospital workers will be fired for revealing information about the immigration status of a patient.

Adam Gurvitch, director of health advocacy for the New York Immigrant Coalition said, "It's really important for people to understand that nothing has changed. Health care remains a right for all people in America, for all immigrants, regardless of immigration status."

Excuse me? Could some one please tell me when there was a Constitutional Amendment granting the right to health care?

I'm pretty sure the letter distributed by the city must have had the words Gratis Medico
stamped in large letters at the top. It is rumored that in the interest of fairness to the law abiding citizens of New York City, a letter will be distributed notifying residents of a special tax being enacted to combat the rising costs faced by city hospitals.

Item The Second:

A judge in Nebraska is facing a petition drive to recall her from the bench for sentencing a sex offender to probation rather than prison time because the pervert is too short. William H. Thompson was convicted on two felony child sexual assault charges for sexual contact with a girl who was only 14 years old. The article doesn't say how old Thompson is.

The transcripts show that the judge said: "So I'm sitting here thinking this guy has earned his way to prison but then I look at you and I look at your physical size. I look at your basic ability to cope with people and, quite frankly, I shake to think what might happen to you in prison because I don't think you'll do well in prison."

I guess the judge didn't really consider how well the little girl was able to defend herself against a sexual predator. She needs to get voted off the island bench.

Item The Third:

Coulter nails it again

Item The Fourth:

A convicted killer in Massachusetts (sorry kids, it's not Kennedy) is asking for the tax payers to fund his sex change. The murdering bastard wants to become a woman. The court has previously ruled that the state must pay for his hormone therapy and laser hair removal. His lawyer is arguing that failure to provide this 'treatment' for 'gender identity disorder' amounts to 'cruel and unusual punishment'.

A psychiatrist testified that Kosilek is likely to commit suicide if he doesn't get the operation. As far as I'm concerned that's one of the best arguments for denying him the treatment.