Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 - Best & Worst

Yes, I'm a day late! Fortunately everything that happened in 2006 is still there and the post is still relevant.

Without further ado, here is the best and worst of 2006 taken from your comments and my own head.

Children Being Born & Kids In General - No doubt we love our children. They are really a blessing to our lives. May our kids always be the best of our "Best Of" (nominations by several of you)

Justice Is Served - Saddam Hussein was hung by the neck until dead! (Nomination by Al of Alnot and a hearty 2nd by Amigo and 3rd by me)

Best Video: A pelican ate a pigeon in a London Park. Yes, it is pretty funny and one less pigeon i the world is just fine with me. (Nomination by Justine)

Health Improvements - Birdie notes that her husband's new job, getting a vehicle again and improvements in her health made 2006 a fine year. Also, Wes' father survived a medical problem that kills most of the people it affects. And Retired Geezer's son survived a helicopter crash.

People In Our Lives - Farmer Tom prompts Taylor to say that the real best of 2006 was all the good people in her life, online and off line. Once again, your host agrees.

Travesty Of Justice - Two Border Patrol agents sentenced to prison for shooting and armed illegal alien that was smuggling drugs. The drug smuggler was granted immunity for his testimony. (Nominated by Wes)

The Media - Rosie O'Donnell joins "The View". Celebrity gossip runs rampant and media bias against Christianity and conservative values in general continues unabated.

Death In The Family - Sadly, Taylor lost her mother this past year and Birdie & Eaglewood lost their son before he was born. I hope that your mourning turns to joy in 2007.

Politics - I think 2006 was a horrible year for politics. I don't care the Dems now have control of the House and Senate but the Republicans continue to decline. The war in Iraq is just stupid and the government keeps growing and taking away our freedoms.

Economics - I know a lot of people that struggled economically in 2006 (including myself). It looks like 2007 is going to be a better year for that. I'm hoping to be completely out of debt this year.

Illegal Immigration - The protests by illegal immigrants early last year was an absolute shame. Every one of those protesters should have had their immigration status checked and any of them not in this country legally should have been immediately deported.

Worst of The Worst - Honestly, 2006 was just a bad year all around. I can't really think of too much out of the realm of the personal that was good about it.

I hope 2007 is a much better year. I could use a good one!