Monday, December 22, 2008

Make That Call

There is someone you need to reconcile with. I know you don't think it was your fault and maybe it's not. But, if you didn't work it out, you bear the responsibility. Make that phone call and work it out. You had a fight, bitter words, bad circumstances, a gross misunderstanding with a good friend. You think he or she should call you first. Abandon your pride and make the call, you won't regret it.

I had a friend for a long time. Early this year we had a falling out. I should have worked it out and I didn't. I thought he was wrong, he thought I was wrong. Doesn't matter who's wrong. Reconcile. Work it out. Don't abandon a good friendship over an argument of some sort.

It's hard to do. I didn't want to make the call. But I did. It will take time. Trust has to be rebuilt on both sides. We've just got to be adults about it. And we will be.

If by some chance you make the call and the other person isn't willing to respond, you can walk away with a clean conscience. Forgive. Apologize. Let it go. Yes, you need to apologize even if you're convinced the other person is to blame? Why because you let it continue. You didn't work hard enough to resolve the conflict. You let it go this long. Chances are, you're not blameless though. You exacerbated the situation, said things you shouldn't have and made the problem worse.

By now, you already know who you need to call. It's unmistakable. So do it. What are you waiting for?