Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Oh The Irony!

Bill Gates is a funny guy I tell ya. He got together with Ford and now they want to put software in cars that will...

...ok you're going to have to make sure you're not near any sharp objects that you might fall on. Also be sure that you are not drinking anything you don't want to come back out your nose.

Ready? Good.

Bill Gates wants to put software in your car that will keep it from crashing. Yes folks, that's right! Microsoft can't keep their own stupid operating systems from crashing and they want you to put your life in their hands.

I can just see tech support call:

Caller: I'm using Windows Car Edition and I just crashed.

Tech Support: Sir, did you try turning off the car and rebooting it?

Caller: No, you don't understand, my car crashed.

Tech Support: Ok sir, on your dashboard display, please touch Start then Settings then Control Panel.

Caller: My dashboard display was destroyed in the crash.

Tech Support: I'm sorry to hear that sir but we only support the operating system, not the hardware, you are going to have to call your dealer for assistance.

Caller: But you are the only ones I can reach. My cell phone is not compatible with Microsoft Car Edition and it won't work while I'm in the car. Could you please call 911 for me and send them to my location?

Tech Support: Sir, perhaps you could just step out of the car and make your call.

Caller: I'm afraid I can't do that, you see, I'm pinned behind the steering wheel and I can't move. Could you please just call 911 for me?

Tech Support: No sir, I'm not authorized to do that. If you'd like, I'll take your credit card number and turn you over to paid support. Perhaps they can help you.

Caller: No, thank you anyway, I think I would just rather die.