Monday, May 02, 2005

Book Reivew - Monster by Frank Peretti

This is the third book I've read in the past few weeks but I'm not going to review the other two which were:

Baudolino by Umberto Eco (English translation) - It's very good.
Blink by Ted Dekker - It was a fun read.

On to the review:

The book takes place deep in the Idaho wilderness where Reed and Beck Shelton were to set out on a survival weekend. Their first night, there is screaming and wailing coming from just beyond the campsite. They run but Beck trips and is hurled down a precipice. The howling and screaming noises continue and something big is catching up with them. Reed sees his wife Beck picked up by something ape like. There is nothing he can do. The rest of the book centers around the hunt for Reeds wife.

Peretti has a reputation for being a master story teller but this book lacks substance. The story is intended to expose the fallacy of evolution. While it offers some thought provoking analysis on the subject there was no depth to it.

The story was entertaining enough and I would recommend it on that basis alone. It was much better than The Oath but not nearly as good as Prophet or The Visitation.

Honestly, this is one book that would be better as a movie but it's sitll a good read.