Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Christian Massage

No, not message, massage.

What will they think of next? Amongst my junk snail mail was a postcard sized ad that reads as follows:
Train for Christian Medical Massage!

  • High paying carrer: average incomes of $50 - $100/hour
  • Short training for licensure - just 18 weeks!
  • Witness for Christ using healing touch here at home and as missionary overseas!
  • Live on campus and study under Christian professionals.

I know it seems like a joke but it isn't. It's just sad.

I can just see the prophets running around saying, "I have a massage for you from the Lord!"

I think I'll go get licensed and then go running around massaging women to bring them to Christ. I'll open a Christian Massage Parlor.

I'm stunned, this is ridiculous. You can't read this post and NOT comment.