Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Summing Up The Liberal Mindset

This article details the ban on smoking in California prisons. Let me go on record as saying that prisoners shouldn't get television, weight sets etc. They should work their tails off in there and given credits toward medical care, etc. There are a number of reasons that smoking shouldn't be allowed by prisoners. The state banned smoking for prison employees also. Still, not a bad idea, employment is voluntary, go get another job if you don't like it.

I don't disagree with the substance of the article but one line at the end of the article caught my attention. It may not have been put this way on purpose but it's perfect in framing the liberal mindset.

Lt. Kevin Lewis, spokeshole for the California State Prison, Los Angeles County said this about the month old smoking ban, "It just feels like a healthier, cleaner environment."

...because how it feels is really all that matters. That, my dear readers is how a liberal thinks.