Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Poetry

Before I get back to my regular political blogging, I thought I would share another poem with you.

This one has a story behind it.

Way, way back in about 1990 or so there was a girl that showed up one day at Bible study. She had been around the church off and on but I didn't know anything about her. Our group always used to go out to eat after Bible study and during dinner, the subject of poetry came up. I think I had a couple of poems in my Bible cover that a passed around or something. She asked me to write her a poem. I thought about it for a moment and told her I would bring it to her the following week.

On Wednesday evening I still hadn't written a poem. I nearly forgot about it all together. I was at a complete loss. Then, the first line popped in to my head. What follows is that poem. Keep in mind that I knew nothing about this girl other than her name.

From you comes forth a silence cold,
Of pain unspoken; grief untold.
Of guilt and shame; sinful deeds.
Among the roses you were weeds.

You wanted change. But where? But how?
Transition needed; needed now!
Who to turn to? Who's a friend?
Can the shame and sorrow end?

Just then a light shone through the dark.
The love of God had hit its mark.
Jesus knocked; was true received.
Your lips confessed; your heart believed.

Washed with blood, the sins are gone,
You've found the strength to carry on.
Still present, cutting, like a knife,
Are memories of your former life.

It's over now, forget the past.
Lay it down, it just can't last
Sin forgiven; forgotten too.
God won't see it, why should you?

By the time she got done reading it, she was shaking. It was the story of her life, laid out on paper. I later learned that she was always in and out of fellowship with God. She'd rebel and repent, rebel and repent. One extreme to the other. This girl was certainly either hot or cold; there was no in between with her.

Cindy, wherever you are, this is for you. I hope that you have finally found peace with God.