Sunday, August 21, 2005

Congratulations... my good friend and former boss who fired me, Mike Kordik. He is the winner of the Greater Pinnacle Peak Area, Write Stuff contest. No, it's not exactly a Pulitzer prize for literature but congratulations anyway.

If you like Western themed stories, click here and scroll down to the story.

Since Mike isn't used to having his name published on the Internet, I'd like to take this occasion to embarrass him a bit.

Back when the "I love you" virus came out, Mike sent it to me. How nice.

A couple of years ago, Mike sent out an email to a huge list of people warning them to delete a file because it contained a virus that the virus checkers could detect. It was a hoax. Mike was forced to apologize to his entire email list after I immediately clicked 'reply all' and told them to ignore the email, because Mike fell for a hoax. To Mike's credit he doesn't send out warnings like that anymore.

Back to getting fired. Mike fired me from my first IT job back in 1996. As a matter of fact, he fired me the day after my birthday. Thanks Mike! Oh sure, I deserved it but he still fired me. But he's a nice guy so he let me stay for 5 more weeks so I could teach him everything I knew about the system. A couple of years later, he called me up and asked me to drop by so I could lock down the system because he was firing yet another System Administrator.

Congratulations Mike! It was an excellent story and I could almost hear you reading it out loud. I look forward to the next one.