Sunday, September 25, 2005

No Pity

An initial reading of the plight of a Massachusets man named David Parker, it would be easy to let your blood boil over the injustice being done to him and his son.

Parker was arrested after refusing to leave until the school promised to notify him when any "diversity" related teaching was happening. In this case diversity is just a nice way of saying "homosexual indoctrination."

True, he shouldn't have been arrested. The reason I have no pity for him stems from this line in the story: "Following the meeting in which he was arrested, Parker was also ordered to keep off school grounds. He says he is not even permitted to pick up his own child from the school."

Did you catch that? If he's not permitted to pick up his child from that school, it means that his son is still attending. My first reaction to this problem would have been to promptly and with extreme prejudice, pull my child out of that school.

I pity the son but I don't pity the father.