Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Agreeing With A Terrorist

Aaron Klien with WorldNet Daily interviewed Hamas chief Mamahoud Al-Zahar.

Yes, Al-Zahar is a murderous bastard who needs to die but I agree with a couple of things he said in the interview.

WND asked Al-Zahar: "If you knew President Bush were reading this interview, what would you have to say to him?"

Part of Zahar's answer was: "Therefore, I say that President Bush puts in danger American interests when he chooses to fight against Islam and describes Islam in a negative way that makes him face 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. It is stupid that a person decides to push the West and Islam into a confrontation. Doing so puts in danger his own interests."

Although Al-Zahar and I look at things from a different perspective, he reaches the correct conclusion about Bush. We have been warned against foreign entanglements from the founding of the country. If Islam becomes a threat here at home then we need to do something about it but it's not a problem yet and the Muslims are reproducing faster than we are. I'm not saying we should cater to them either of course, but we could simply ignore them as a matter of foreign (but not domestic) policy.

Al-Zahar makes a thinly veiled threat that we're headed for a major confrontation with Islam and he of course thinks that Islam will win but the substance of his point is still valid in that is truly is stupid to force the West in to a confrontation with Islam.

As for the rest of the article? Like I said, the bastard needs to die, preferably while immersed in a vat of pigs blood.