Thursday, October 06, 2005

Corporate Stupidity

My boss has a box trailer that he stores at an RV lot. It's a 24 foot car hauler but he just keeps other stuff in it. It's worth about $6000. The lot he keeps it in says that he has to have insurance on it. He thought it was already insured and it wasn't. Fine, call the insurance company.

First, they tell him that he has to bring the trailer to their office so they can make sure it's not damaged. Well, that sounds reasonable I suppose, but what a hassle. It would basically cost him most of a day to arrange the stuff in there so it didn't fly around, hook it up, haul it to the insurance office and then take it back and unhook it. I forgot to mention the best part, his premium is only $10.00/year. Yes, that's $10.00.

After going around in circles with them, the manager finally says that he can just take some pictures of it and send them in. We went down to the lot and I held up the newspaper for the day up to the trailer and we took some pictures. The newspaper was to prove that the pictures were current. He send them in.

Nope, not good enough, we need you to bring it in. He flatly refused. He finally got someone to agree to come down to the lot and look at it. Which they did and the trailer is in perfect shape so there was no problem.

His prorated insurance premium for the year? $1.

Who is this insurance company? Well, let's just say it's not ZZZ.