Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Government Mentality

In England, a 10 year old boy was blinded in one eye after staring at an eclipse from the playground at school.

The parents are blaming poor playground supervision and the mother has written to Prime Minister Tony Blair requesting a law that schools must be aware of eclipse dates.

Why is it, that whenever a child gets hurt do parents, especially mothers want to get the government involved? Why isn't she requesting a law that all parents be responsible for telling their children when an eclipse is coming and that you're not supposed to look at it? This mentality is just as prevalent in the United States. When ever something bad happens, someone shouts, "There ought to be a law!"

Here is a fundamental question that must be asked. Is it the responsibility of government to protect us from ourselves? Those of you who agree with the war on drugs and seat belt laws must admit that you see that as part of the proper role of government. Hurricane Katrina victims acted against their best interest and stayed in the New Orleans because they EXPECTED the government to rescue them and compensate them for their misery. The sad thing is; they got exactly what they wanted to.

More laws and bigger government are rarely, if ever the solution for any problem we face today. I would like to see a 90% reduction in Federal laws and the programs that those laws support.