Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dueling Bloggers

Moonbatty gets two mentions in a row. She poses the question of whether or not consenting adults should be allowed to challenge each other to a duel to the death.

More importantly, she wonders which of the following 'nutty right bloggers' as she called us would win if we all dueled each other:

Difster (That's Me!)
Citizen Grim

Here's my take on the situation:

Citizen Grim appears only to be armed with a video camera (see his profile pic). It also seems he’s played a lot of first person shooter games which could give one some unrealistic expectations about combat. He’s young and inexperienced. I’d pick him off last.

JimmyB. (according to his blog) is a life long NRA member but a cursory search of his blog turned up no evidence of military training. In a four way duel I'd take him down first.

Macstansbury has been complaining about getting old and falling apart. His reflexes are probably slower than mine. I could find no evidence on his blog of weapons or military experience. Still, there is a degree of toughness that comes with age. He'd be in my sights next.

I have USMC infantry training and I know how to use a weapon. I don't go to the range as often as I'd like but my pistol is an extension of my hand and I frequently do quick sight exercises. Yeah, I’m getting a little older but a couple of minor events have shown me recently that my reflexs are as fast as they’ve ever been. I see in slow motion in dangerous situations. I suppose I could call it Matrix Vision.

I here by declare the duel of ‘Nutty Right Wing Bloggers’ to be Difster.

In the interest of fairness and honesty here are a couple of bloggers I wouldn't be entirely comfortable dueling:

Kim DuToit
and probably

I'd sure want them watching my back in a firefight though.

Cast your vote in the comments.