Thursday, November 10, 2005

Out of Prayers

I try not to inject my personal life in to my blog too often but I need your help.

I'm growing increasingly frustrated and angry with my estranged wife. My attitude toward her sucks and I'm have a very hard time praying for her.

So, those of you who call Jesus Christ your savior and worship The Living God I seek your prayers in three ways:
  1. I want my attitude toward her to change. I'm acting on how I feel rather than what's right.
  2. Despite how I feel right now, I still want to reconcile and I want to see Mrs. Difster incline her heart toward God and toward her husband.
  3. Most of all - Little Dif needs to be sheilded from this whole mess.
For those of you that I know have already been praying for us, you have my sincere thanks.