Saturday, December 10, 2005

5 Weird Habits

Kate tagged me with a meme.

Here are my 5 weird habits (that I'm willing to admit to).

  1. I shower in the dark - I don't like lights in the morning so I shower in the dark. The bath/shower is my place of solitude. It cuts out the outside world.
  2. I sleep with a tshirt over my head - A few years back I was living in a place where a light glared in to my room no matter what I did with the blinds so I started sleeping with a shirt over my eyes (never my nose or mouth though). After I moved from that place I found that I slept better if I continued that habit. Even if I'm staying in a hotel with blackout curtains, I still put the shirt on my head. I even pack an tshirt specifically for that purpose.
  3. I curl my toes - When I'm sitting in a chair and I'm barefoot, my toes are curled up under my feet. See picture below. I can also jump up and down on my curled up toes. It freaks people out. Little Dif has the same genetic umm.. defect. I have highly talented feet. I can pinch harder with my toes than anyone else I've ever known. I can pick up things with my feet that most people can't. I can even turn doorknobs with my feet provided I'm barefoot.
  4. Keys in my pocket - This is only a little weird, but if I'm wearing a jacket, my keys automatically go in my right jacket pocket. It's a habit I developed in my motorcycle riding days. I've actually misplaced my keys because I forgot that I had been wearing a jacket the day before because that habit is so automatic.
  5. Reading the comics - When I read the Sunday comics, I read the front page first then flip it over and read from the back to the 2nd page. I started doing that as a kid and I have no idea why.

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