Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Best Of Your Blog

Let's face it. Sometimes your blog really sucks. You know who you are. Yes, you! And you too! And you over there, your blog sucks once in a while.

But let's not dwell on that because sometimes your blog is awesome.

Go through your blog archives and send me a link to what you consider one or two of your best blog posts. You'll find my email address over on the right. Please put Best Of Blog in the subject line.

On Friday, I will do a post that gives an excerpt from your best post (or series), a link to the original, and a link to your blog.

This is an open request but I do reserve the right to not include a post that contains anything more than mild profanity. I will probably limit this to the first 20 entries I receive but don't let that stop you from submitting since I may go beyond that.

This isn't a contest of any kind, it's just a way to promote the best of what you folks are writing.