Sunday, January 22, 2006

Birth Announcements

Unto Us Some Blogs Are Born! **updated**

Two Three long time friends have just started blogging.

My good friend Joel is one of the guys that first preached the Gospel to me back in high school. Joel's decided to start his blog to express his discontent over things going on at his daughter's school. I suspect that Joel's blog will go off in MANY different directions; sometimes simultaneously. It should make for some interesting reading.

Joel named his blogThanks For All The Fish. He doesn't have much there yet but drop by and give him a little encouragement to keep writing.

My other friend Ron recently started blogging also. I have also known Ron since high school. We were in POT class together. No, I'm not going to explain. Anyway, I've kept in touch with Ron here and there over the years; mostly through Joel. Ron is also counted among The Redeemed and so far his blog is dedicated to Biblical topics.

You can find Ron at What Is Life About?

There is one more blogger I'd like to introduce. Carole emailed me a couple of weeks ago to give me some information on math resources for Little Dif. I encouraged her to start blogging and she took me up on it. Carole is the mother of 10 and 6 of those kids are still at home but somehow she's finding the time to blog?! Wow!


After posting this, I found out that one of the other guys that preached the Gospel to me also just started a blog. Chaplian Todd Luken, a recently comissioned Army Chaplain will be deployed to Iraq soon and relating his adventures to us all.

You can find Chaplain Luken at There And Back Again.

**end update**

Carole originally emailed me some info on math resources for Little Dif in response to one of my posts. She said she was a 'blogger wannabe' and I encouraged her to start a blog. She's got about 2.5 million children so I don't know where she finds the time to blog, but she's managing.

You can find Carole at Companion Of Ostriches.