Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Round 'Em Up

Special thanks to Dystopia for requesting that I revisit this post from last month.

Amigo, who works in downtown Los Angeles and recounts his experience with the illegal aliens protesting immigration reform.

As far as I'm concerned, every last protester should have had their immigration status checked and immediately deported if they were not in this country legally.

If they're such dang hard workers, scraping together every dime they can to survive in this land of opportunity, how is it that 500,000 of them can find the time to take to the streets to protest. You'd never get 500,000 white, middle class, working AMERICANS in the streets on a work day in one city to protest a government policy. I'd be surprised if you could get that many nationwide. I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out why.

A Spanish-Language DJ in Los Angeles is partially responsible for stirring the pot and getting the illegals in the street. He was once an illegal alien himself who came to AMERICA in the trunk of a car in 1986 and was here illegally for 10 years before gaining legal status. His legal status should be revoked immediately, he should be tried for sedition and the deported after serving jail time.

Our Dear Leader, Jorge Bush (as Vox has come to refer to him as) has done virtually nothing and will likely use these protests to simply wash his hands of the whole thing and say that he tried.

I say let them continue to protest, they will wear themselves out. Illegal aliens should have no say in our government polices. In fact, whatever it is they might be protesting, I could probably announce my support for without actually reviewing the legislation.