Monday, July 03, 2006

El Jefe Nuevo de Mexico

Felipe Calderon, the conservative candidate for President in Mexico is claiming an electoral victory over the leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. As far as I'm concerned, anyone with four names should not be allowed to hold office anway, I don't care what country he's from.

Calderon is likely to continue the policies of Vicente Fox in what passes for free-market economics in that country. I have no doubt that he will also continue to be very harsh on illegal aliens coming in to his country whilst encouraging his own people to relocate north so they can send money home.

Although a "conservative" win is no doubt better for Mexico than a Marxist win, I think the United States will end up being worse off. If a leftist was elected in Mexico, Bush would not have as much internal political pressure to play nice with Mexico. As it is, he has kissed up to Fox as if Mexico is more important to us than we are to them.

All in all, this will basically mean no change whatsoever for our problems with Mexico and the enormous number of illegal aliens that their government encourages to come to the US.