Thursday, July 06, 2006

Regulate Power Tools NOW!

Clearly the use of cordless power tools is out of control. In New York, a man grabbed two cordless power saws and started swinging them at subway patrons. He sliced open the chest of a 64 year old man who is now in critical but stable condition.

Regluators must take immediate action on this. I am calling for trigger locks on power tools. They could be built right in to the tools and each operator of a power tool would be required to have a key to operate it. With power tool trigger locks, the lunatic in the story would not have been able to slice that man open.

Other regulations to consider:

Maximum Pointiness and Sharpness of Knives - Knives are used to kill and injure thousands, perhaps millions of people per year either accidentally or on purpose. We need tough regulation on how sharp a knife is allowed to be. Eventually this regulation would require all knives to have rounded tips, thus denying a criminal an easy method of stabbing his victim.

Tool Registration - Almost every tool out there can be used as a weapon. We need a nation Tool Registry Database. Tool manufacturers will be required to put serial numbers on all tools. Anybody purchasing a tool will have to show identification. Because there are probably billions of unmarked tools out there, cities could hold Cash For Tools drives in order to get them off the street and out of garages and basements everywhere.