Sunday, September 10, 2006

La Raza Losers

A whopping 350 people showed up for a rally intended to "show them racist Americans" that there was massive support for granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.

That's just .00003% of the estimated 11 million illegal aliens in the United States. The article says that most of those that showed up were the organizers and the press.

A union leader by the name of Maria Elena Durazo, who is the Secretary Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO seems to think that the number of people that show up doesn't really matter, it's what the people want. Take look at this spin.
"This community has shown it wants a solution, so we shouldn't have to show it with half a million people each time we do it."
Amazing isn't it? Um, Ms. Durazo, if the community wanted amnesty for illegal aliens, they would have showed up and supported your dumb idea.

Apparently this is all part of the National Latino Congreso, supposedly the largest gathering of Latino leaders in decades. When groups representing white people get together, there are virulent cries of racism hither and yon. Why don't you ever see Asians gathering in groups to promote Asian rights in this country? If we white people are so danged racist why do Asians thrive while blacks especially and Hispanics continue to flounder in education, wages, etc? Is there some special power that Asians have that make us color blind to their nefarious plot? I know there are Asian student unions on some campuses etc., but you never hear of an Asian activist group getting much attention. If I did hear of such a thing I'd just chuckle because it would be totally out of character for that culture.

Don't mistake my little rant here to mean that every Mexican or every black person in America is a whiner and a 'victim'. I'm not even implying that. The problem is this so-called minority leadership that leads the more gullible members of their races around by the nose and convinces them that they have something coming to them that could otherwise be accomplished through hard work and accepting responsibility for themselves and their families.

So ends another rant.