Monday, August 28, 2006

Suspend The Teachers Instead

Commandant Principal Mayerik of Morton High School in Indiana suspended 128 students on the first day of class for inappropriate clothing.

I'm guessing that the principal hasn't even given a thought to suspending teachers for ineffective education. The entire school system is seriously screwed up anyway and the whole experiment should be abandoned. The recent story about the homeless man and his daughter who were living in a forest is a fine example of how easy it is to educate children. His daughter was, as the story put it, "educated beyond her years."

Educating any given child is easy. With the exception of kids that have serious learning disabilities, teaching children is easy; they're sponges. Sure, different kids have different levels of intelligence and different aptitudes but it's easy to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and adjust their education accordingly.

The Collectivist Education camps that we send our kids to now are mostly "one size fits all." Yes, there are charter schools, home study programs, etc. but those are simply a poor response to the effectiveness of private and homeschool education programs that have been in place for a long time.

Rather than suspending kids from an institution they don't belong in to begin with, let's suspend the entire school system.