Monday, September 24, 2007


Brave Little Dif - Took Little Dif to the Los Angeles County Fair on Friday and she proved her bravery once more.

Ron Pauloween
- Make a bunch of Ron Paul DVD's and pass them out with your Halloween candy this year. There are certain people that think I'm crazy for not supporting on of the so-called major candidates for the Republican Party but I know that they are the one's that are misguided, not me. Dr. Paul is gaining ground every day.

A Good Day To Die - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is now in our country. He's a terrorist, he should not have been allowed in. His visit to Ground Zero in New York City was denied. Perhaps the appropriate thing to do would have been to permit his visit there and then surprise him with a summary execution (after dousing him in pig blood of course).

Fire Them All - The United Auto Workers Union went on strike today, the first time since 1976. Apparently this is about job security? You've got to wonder about the mentality of people who think that a business should continue to employ them even if their position becomes obsolete. The Unions are completely again technology that will eliminate job despite the fact that it would lower prices for the rest of us through efficiency. Fire them all, kick out the Union and offer to hire anyone back that pledges not to join a Union. Yes, that's illegal but the laws that compel a business to negotiate with Unions are ludicrous to begin with. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE unions?

Missing Money - Find out if you have money owed to you by your state. Not every state is on this list but a Google search for "unclaimed property" and your state should turn up the site you need. NEVER pay anyone to recover money owed to you by the state. You can always contact the Unclaimed Property division of your state Controller office and claim it for free.

Back Up Your Blog - What happens if your blog provider goes down? What would happen to all the brilliant/moronic/insightful/boring things you've written? Well, now you can back up your entire blog. Use HTTRACK. It's fairly easy to use to back up any website.

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