Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fun With Translators

I decided to have a little fun with Google's translator service.

I took a paragraph from a recent blog post and translated it in to several languages and back to English.

Here's the original paragraph:
The point is, these people will find other jobs. Unemployment is still low and the job market will adjust to absorb these additional workers. Some will move up, some will move down and some will find comparable wages. Some will start their own businesses and some just might end up homeless. How could our behemoth of a Federal government possibly be flexible enough to account for the different variables that go in to controlling the employment fallout from this or any other industry? Make-work jobs? That provides the wrong incentive. Cash payouts? Some would-be entrepreneurs might just cash those checks instead of creating businesses or go back to school for a different career or apply for more challenging jobs. And frankly, some of these people simply belong in lower paying, lower skilled jobs.

English To Spanish And Back:
The point is, this people will find a other jobs. Unemployment continues being low point and the work market will fit to absorb these additional workers. Some will rise, some will lower and some will find wages comparable. Some will begin their own businesses and some as soon as they could finish upon the nomad. How could our marmotreto of a federal government possibly be quite flexible to explain the diverse variables that enter to control polvillo radioactive of the use of this or another industry? Do-to work the works? That provides the incorrect incentive. Payments of the cash? Some supposed industralists could as soon as to receive those checks instead of creating businesses or of going to the school a diverse race or to ask for desafiadores works again. And franc, some of this people belongs simply in lower paying, lower expert works.

English To French And Back:
The point is, WE SURRENDER these people will find other work. Unemployment is always bottom and WE SURRENDER the labour market will be adjusted to absorb these additional workmen. Some will be raised, the others will lower and the others will find the wages comparable. Some will begin their own companies and the others just could finish to the top of the homeless person. How WE SURRENDER our béhémoth of a federal government could probably be enough flexible to explain the various variables which enter to order the radioactive fallout of use of this or another industry? Make-to work work? That provides the false incentive. Money disbursements cash? Some potential contractors could just box these accounts - cheques instead of creating companies or WE SURRENDER going again to the school for a different WE SURRENDER career or to make application form for more provocative work. And frankly, some of these people belong simply while paying low, lower skilful work.

English To German And Back:
The point is, these people finds other jobs. Unemployment is adjusted still low and the employment market, in order to absorb these additional workers. Some raise, move some downward and some find comparable wages. Some their own business and some straight begin could Homeless up terminate. How could our Behemoth of a Federal Government be enough flexibly perhaps, the different variables, inside for steering the occupation-radioactive of precipitation of this or does go any other industry explaining? Job education work? That supplies the wrong incentive. Cash subsidies? Some alleged entrepreneurs knew those examinations, instead of causing business, to take straight or go back to school for another career or apply for more difficult jobs. And sincerely, belong some these people simply, if they pay lower, lower experienced jobs.

English To Japanese And Back:
As for the point, these people there is the other work which is found. Unemployment even now is low speed, you adjust the employment market in order to absorb these addition workers. Part moves, you lower part, certain people find equal wages. Exactly part perhaps part including itself business, it makes the homeless peolpe arrive. Perhaps how our large animals of Federal Government enter employment from into the control of the atomic ash of this also the variable which or it does at other some enterprise and differs is explained, is the coverage sufficiently wide? The work use the work do? That offers the stimulus which you are wrong. Cash dividend expenditure? One person no person of perhaps the temporary entrepreneur those inspections are changed into cash exactly in the change which draws up business whether, or it returns to the school for another carrier whether, or compared to, it applies to challenge work. Lower, and candidly, than some person of these people lower paying with skillful work it belongs simply.

This was just a fun little exercise to demonstrate that human communication is more than just the words that you write. It's the subtleties of the way you express yourself that makes you unique. Even with the limited amount of words we use while writing, we can communicate many things that a machine translator simply cannot interpret. Maybe some day a computer will understand the actual humanity behind the words and almost get it right but I think we're quite a ways away from that day. Let's hope so anyway.