Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not Much Sympathy

An illegal immigrant from the Philippines is having a rough time. She's trying to get through school at UCLA and she has to take time off to work to pay for it.

It's not her fault she's an illegal immigrant, America is the only country she knows. Her parents brought her here when she was very young. I guess what gets me is that in the article she's whining about the difficulties she's having and the fact that she's not going to be able to do anything with her degree when she's done because it will be tough for her to get a job.

Nowhere in the article is there any line such as, "Even though I'm struggling through things here, I'm grateful for growing up in a place with much better living conditions than I might have had back in the Philippines."

She's nearly done with her degree. I happen to know that in the Philippines, people are educated in English. She'd have very little difficulty getting along in Manila on English alone while she applied her self as hard to studying Tagalog as she did her university studies. In the mean time, I've no doubt that a school there would accept someone as a teacher with a degree from UCLA.

I'm not even saying she should be deported, I'm just saying that if she's having such a rough go of it here, maybe she should return and give it a shot there.

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