Friday, March 14, 2008

I Upped My Plan


I love that joke!

Seriously though, I just saved money today by switching my T-Mobile cell phone plan to Unlimited calling.

Previously I had 2500 minutes per month for $99.00 and unlimited text messaging for $14.99 per month. The new plan gives me unlimted minutes and text messaging for $99.00.

Why so many minutes? Mostly I use it for work (self employed so I don't get reimbursed) but even at 2500 minutes, I've come dangerously close to going over at $0.40/minute. So really, this works out to be a good deal for me.

Apparently AT&T has the same deal going but it doesn't include the text messaging. It's $20 more for that plan.

Verizon has also jumped in with the same deal as AT&T. If you want Verizon's VCast and navigation it's $140/month.

MetroPCS offers an unlimted plan for $35/month with NO contract but their coverage area SUCKS so it's not a very good deal. To talk out of their coverage areas is either $0.49 or $0.79/minute depending on the zone. That could get very costly.

Isn't competition great? Left up to the regulators, these companies would be forced to offer cheap plans with lousy service and bad phones. Yes, I know, there is still a lot of room left for improvement with all of them but let's let the market handle it. I think if the regulatory burden wasn't already so high, it would be better now.

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