Friday, April 25, 2008

A Danger To The Children

For those of you still under the false notion that the Texas government acted rightly by taking over 400 children from the FDLS people, I want you to read what Ilana Mercer has to say on the subject.

These kids have been brought up on a pretty healthy diet. They'll get stuffed full of all kinds of processed crap, they'll react badly and it will be blamed on abuse they suffered on the compound. They'll be drugged and we'll be told they're just not adjusting to normal society. Well DUH! That was the whole point of their being where the were. They didn't want to be part of our "normal society" but that's not a mental illness.

You can't possibly tell me that the kids are worse off all living together on a farm, eating healthy and not exposed to the media, the sexual imagery, the violence etc. than they will be in a foster home with people that (mostly) don't care about them and are just getting paid to warehouse them.

All of the judges involved in this debacle should promptly be sent to jail.

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