Sunday, May 18, 2008

Expect More of This

I think the public might be starting to wise up when it comes to murdering citizens. Two police in Long Beach, CA were trying to subdue a man who was acting erratically (not a crime the last time I checked). They could not subdue him with batons and supposedly these officers feared for their lives and one of the shot the man several times and killed him.

Apparently the crowd didn't care for this behavior by the cops and they had to call for backup because they thought they might get attacked by the people they are supposed to "serve and protect."

The story doesn't say why the man was acting sporadically, there is no mention of him being on drugs, etc. but it also doesn't say he was suspected of any type of crime. Not that i trust the court of public opinion that much but it takes quite a bit to get a group of otherwise peaceful citizens to get riled up against the police.

Maybe it won't be too long now before a couple of cops get a full public beat down for an unjustified shooting.

I've no doubt the police will find it was a fully justified shooting and the cops will escape any discipline. In the mean time, the shooter will get a paid vacation while there is an "investigation."