Friday, May 09, 2008

Why Would They?

The Secretary General of the United Nations is criticizing the wealthy OPEC countries for not giving enough money to the U.N.'s World Food Program.

First of all, why would Muslim countries give a ton of money to an organization they consider under the control of the infidel? Do you really think the OPEC nations are part of the U.N. because they agree with the overall mission of that organization? No, it's purely political. In fact, I'd guess that those countries have a more realistic view of the U.N. than our own government. We've managed to trick ourselves in to believing that it's a useful and necessary organization.

My second point doesn't have so much to do with the OPEC nations but why should the U.N. or any other governmental authority be in charge of solving the world food crisis. ESPECIALLY given the fact that any prolonged food crises we have is purely political in nature. The abuses and mismanagement by the U.N. are well documented and utterly appaling. Then we want to put them in charge of solving a fake food crises they helped create?

The idea that governments need to take money from its own citizens and send it to citizens of other countries is ludicrous on its face. I'm all for individuals giving of their own volition. In fact, American's are the most charitable people on the face of the Earth! We don't need the government to tell us to help other nations in trouble. Besides that, when governments help other governments, there are always strings attached. The junta regime in Burma is rightly (in a political sense only) rejecting most of the help from the U.N. and especially the United States.

Let's get out of the UN altogether.


I just had an additional thought on the subject. When money is taken from taxpayers and used to buy food that would not otherwise have been purchased by the market, it drives prices up. This is because the surplus that would exist without the government purchases would have been sold at a cheaper price because demand would have been down. Therefore, this stupid U.N. organization to solve the world hunger crisis once again, only makes things worse.

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