Sunday, June 01, 2008

Homosexual Rights

I truly don't understand why the "homosexual rights" movement even exists. A very small fraction of the population is attracted to their own sex rather than the opposite sex as God (or even evolution if you believe that) intended.

You don't see straight people running around proclaiming their straightness and forming organizations for straight people. Really, I'd love to see some college campus groups form some heterosexual clubs just to goad the militant homosexuals.

Back to the topic at hand though. Why should any group of people be forcing their agenda down my throat based on their sexual predilections? As much as I think it's immoral for two men or two women to have sex, I really don't care what they do; I just don't want to hear about it. I don't want to outlaw it, restrict it, regulate it or politicize it in any way. It should be a non-issue!

Somehow, we have so little else to do in this country that we're spending our time and energy making sure that the government can force us to acknowledge and accept the immoral behavior of these people. If I own a business and offer spousal benefits, I can be forced to give those same benefits to a same-sex couple. Honestly, I'd rather stop offering spousal benefits.

Really though, it's unlikely that I would hire someone I knew was gay simply because of the likelihood of that person causing trouble and trying to sue me if I fired him/her for other reasons. For the same reason, I'd be hesitant to hire a black person that came across as the least bit militant.

My question is this: How do we fight back against the homosexual agenda? We get labeled as bigots and homophobes when we try. I don't really care about that, the problem is, we're not fighting for something, but against it and that's a much more difficult thing to do. Furthermore, most straight people don't really spend much time thinking about the fact that their straight nor do we have much inclination to become activists for it.

Help me flesh this out, what does a pro-heterosexual social movement look like? I'm open to suggestions.

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