Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Annoying Thing About Mexico

Maybe lots of annoying things come to your mind and I'm sure this is minor in comparison but I'm going to tell you about it anyway.

It seems that just about every parking lot has a parking lot attendant, especially places like the grocery stores, and other places where a large number of people might be shopping at one time. What I can't get used to is they way these guys will step in to the path of your car as you're backing up to guide you out. It creeps me out every time. I don't want someone behind me to help me back up; I do a fine job on my own. The laws of motion in Mexico are no different than the United States and with rare exception, I don't need help backing up there. (Exeptions: Driving large moving trucks, towing a trailer, etc.)

I don't really mind that they insist on rushing over to help put bags in the car even if it's only a few, I just hate it when they get behind me while I'm backing out.

And, in case you hadn't guessed, they work for tips.

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