Friday, May 22, 2009

An Abortion Candidate

This article doesn't mention that abortion was recommended to this mother but it does say that doctors didn't expect this girl (now 6 years) old to survive birth because many of her organs weren't in the right place, she has 5 spleens, two left lungs, etc.

I could almost bet that the doctors, and many friends and family recommended that the mother abort the baby rather than suffer the pain of very short life, etc.

So far the girl has survived 6 years long than expected and seems to be in good health. Who knows how long she'll survive. Even if she doesn't lead a "normal" life as we would call it, no doubt she's brought joy to the life of her parents (ok, it only mentions mom in the article) and those around her and probably even her doctors. People who survive difficult conditions really seem to inspire us. She is a shining example of God's grace and the miracle of life.

**Note to evolutionists: This girl has a genetic disorder, a mutation. Mutations are always destructive, not improvements. Or perhaps you might think that evolution is selecting that we now need multiple spleens and our organs belong in different places. Oh wait, she'll probably never have kids so she can't pass on the traits.