Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jane Got Juiced

Hanoi Jane got a face full of tobacco juice at a book signing in Kansas City, MO. The woman is, without a doubt a traitor. The man stood in line with a mouth full of chewing tobacco specifically to spit it in her face.

His big mistake though was running away. He should have stood his ground, berated her publicly and waited for the police to show up and arrest him; for that I would have had respect for him but he ran, so I don't.

Is this any different in substance to what happened to Ann Coulter? A pansy boy attempted to throw a pie at her at the University of Arizona and was beat to a pulp by audience members.

I would argue that there is a differnce. Hanoi Jane played the traitor during a war; she aided the enemy. Ann Coulter is just a pundit who publishes her opinions. At least the guy who spit on Fonda didn't miss. The wuss who threw the pie at Coulter barely grazed her.