Sunday, April 24, 2005

Prayer Requests

1) Update: She died last night. Her brain damage was severe and she just couldn't hold up. Now there are 4 boys without a mom and a very distraught father who has to take care of them. Please keep them in prayer. A friend of mine who is going through a divorce, found out that his wife and kids were just in a very bad car accident.

The kids are ok but the wife has some serious head injuries and in surgery as I write this. They don't know if she's even going to live. If she does, there is a very good chance that she'll have major brain damage.

They have four boys ranging from 11 to 18. Please pray for the wife, her name is LaRae.

2) As I was typing the first prayer request, my roommate told me about a guy that's working for him who is Marine Reservist and slated to go to Iraq some time in the next couple of months.

He was already worried enough about leaving his wife behind and then he found out that a platoon from his unit that is already deployed was ambushed in Iraq.

Please keep them all in prayer.