Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's Always Voluntary At First

This article from Wired frightens me. The state of New York wants diabetics in that state to submit 'voluntarily' to monitoring of their disease.

First it's voluntary
Then it's mandatory for anyone receiving state benefits
Then it's mandatory for anyone in the state
Then it becomes national
Then they move on to the next thing

What are some other 'troubling' trends the government could track for us?

  • Fat - Of course. We must all be monitored for our fat and calorie intake. Instead of hte government saying, "Screw you lard butt, you're on your own," like they should be doing, they'll have to monitor those who's BMI is over 25. From there it will decrease to about 3 so they catch everyone.
  • Words - We'll all have to wear speech monitors so our conversations can be monitored for terrorist talk. It's all about the safety of society. Of course all of your conversations will remain private unless you trigger a key word. Oops, I just said 'trigger', I have to report in to the authorities. If I don't return I've been deleted.
  • Farts - They have to tax us according to the amount of methane we spew in to the atmosphere. I believe they tried this with cows in New Zealand a while back. This would go along with tracking fat intake.
  • Key Strokes - People stopped talking because of the speech monitors, now we have biometric sensors to track whatever we might type on any device we happen to be using. It's for the children.
What else should 'they' be monitoring.