Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Christian Group Bombs Mosques

It's being kept out of the newspapers but I've received word that a Christian group has been bombing Mosques in the Middle East. Unconfirmed reports put the death toll at 54.

According to my information, the group is comprised of American and European Christians who are responding to Islamic terrorism by trying to rid the Middle East of their mosques. They are reportedly being funded through back channels by the some of the major Evangelical organizations under the guise of missions work.

They hope to conduct a couple of high profile bombings in the near future in order to bring attention to their cause and possibly use it as a recruiting tool to convert Muslims who are comfortable with the concept of Jihad but don't believe in the traditional views of Allah.

When asked how blowing up Mosques and killing Muslims is in keeping with traditional Christian doctrine, the anonymous leader said, "There is no question in our minds that we are doing God's work here. These people are under condemnation anyway and if some unrepentent Muslims die in order to bring many times more than that to Christ, I think Jesus will be quite pleased."

***Yes folks, it's just satire.***

You were probably shaking your head the whole time thinking, "No, this can't be true." I'm sick and tired of hearing the ACLU and other groups comparing Christianity to "The Religion of Peace." Yes, there are a few wacko Christians out there who might do this kind of thing but can you imagine Christians organizing terror campaigns? I can't. It goes against everything the Bible teaches us about seeking God, holiness and righteousness.