Saturday, August 13, 2005

It's For The Children

Senator Tom Carper from Delaware is proposing legistlation that would impose a 25% tax on pornagraphic material sold over the internet.

The money would go to police units to investigate child pornography. The article actually says it's to prosecute them but police don't prosecute. Just picking nits. Moving on.

Who could be cold and heartless enough to oppose funding for those who will take these people off the street? Me! Me! Pick me!

I am going to invoke the slippery slope argument here. Once the mechanism is in place to tax on line porn, how long will it be before every other internet service is getting taxed? Not very long at all I imagine.

Along with taxation there will of course be 'compliance methods' which will basically monitor everything that everyone does in terms of the Net.

Heavy taxation always leads to a black market. Organized crime (inlcuding terrorist organizations) always stand to profit the most from the black market. High taxes then increase the crime rate.